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Ten Great Reasons to pick a Florida Vacation Villa

Top ten list of why a family should pick a vacation rental (specifically a vacation rental home):

1. Not toiling to find ideal, adjoining rooms.

2. Everybody gets privacy, without having to worry about where the kids are.

3. In private vacation rentals, you don’t have to share the common area with strangers, but you can still lounge around together.

4. More than one bathroom. Need I say more?

5. Lots and lots and lots of more room. This is usually the main selling feature.

6. Florida vacation rentals include a private pool, in most cases. ask in spanish . “Great to swim with the sound of insects….fortunately outside the ‘cage’”, wrote one visitor in the guestbook of Our Dream Villa.

7. Usually cost less than hotels. Florida vacation rentals often cost less than motels on the Kissimmee strip, for example.

8. Store cold drinks, ice creams, fresh fruit or any other snacks you fancy, which is a huge cost saver, suggests Florida Golf and Disney Villa owner Christine Creasy. And a great convenience, too.

9. Barbecue any time you want. You can still eat out, but you don’t HAVE to.

10. You don’t have to take home several weeks’ supply of dirty laundry.

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