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Questions asked by First Time Villa Renters

Q. “I’ve always booked a package vacation with my local travel agent. Where do I start and how hard is it to book everything I will need at your Florida Villa?”

Q. “What do I book first, flights or accommodation? What if there are no flights and I’ve booked the villa?

These are the questions, as a villa owner, that I’m asked most often during that initial call from a potential customer. Let me reassure first time customers how straightforward and comforting it can be to book a villa direct with an owner.

For the majority of owners their Florida Villa is their second home and treated as such. It is loved and looked after, as well as frequently visited by the owner for their own enjoyment. Usually the first contact is with the owner who is probably so enthusiastic about their second home that they find it difficult not to spout off at any opportunity about their pride and joy. Owners are full of knowledge about their property, the surrounding area, its suitability for families, couples, singles, disabled persons etc. They can offer so much more than the average travel agent.

My experience has been that people will ask more questions of the owner than a travel agent regarding their vacation package, and frequently the owner will be able to answer all of these questions, and comply will all of the requirements – most importantly in plain English!

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