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Management Company Mistakes

Orlando Vacation, Florida VacationIn the 4 years that I have owned a Florida villa, I have had 3 local management companies. Now, while I am thrilled with my current management company, there are several mistakes that I see management companies making:

1. Pay the bills – don’t ask questions – Several times I would get the “invoice” from my management company and they would not send a copy of the original invoice so that I could confirm that what they paid was the amount charged by the local vendor. Also, several times there were mistakes on the account that I had to call the vendor and get corrected. Why didn’t the management company catch it?

2. Who cares what the property looks like – who’s going to know? They are in England! – I am continuously surprised at some of the neighbor villas around me that are not kept up when I know the owner is paying someone to do it. The lawn isn’t mowed or weeded. The house needs to be painted. The roof still has a blue tarp on it even when the other houses have been repaired.

What issues have you had with management companies that you can share?

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