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Other Disney Attractions

Did you know that there are lots of other Disney attractions apart from the theme parks?

Of course, if this is your first visit you will probably want to spend most of your time at the parks with a bit of rest and relaxation in between. After your second or third visit we found it was nice to do something a little different.

Here are just a few Disney treats, some of which will not cost you a penny:

1. The Electrical Water Pageant is a nightly display that makes its circuit around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. It is best to check at a Guest Services desk either at Magic Kingdom or one of the resorts for the times but as a general rule it starts at 9pm. We find one of the best places to watch it from is the beach at the Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The pageant consists of two strings of seven barges, each carrying a 25-foot-tall screen of lights. The pageant features King Triton and creatures from under the sea (turtles, whales, seahorses, even a sea monster) set to music. The pageant concludes with a salute to America, with Flags and Stars set to a musical medley of God Bless America, Yankee Doodle, and You’re a Grand Old Flag.

2. ‘Wishes’ fireworks at Magic Kingdom can be seen nightly from the beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. We usually grab ourselves a beach chair, sit back and relax (beats being squashed by the crowds standing up in Main Street, USA). Unfortunately, you can’t hear the narration or the music or see Tinkerbell flying through the sky but if you have already seen it for real and have used up all your days on your Disney tickets this is the next best thing!

3. Disney’s Boardwalk is home to a wide range of entertainment. Jugglers, magic shows, a pianist playing the piano whilst riding a bicycle and a whole host of other activities. These can differ from day to day but are usually in the afternoons or early evenings. One of our favourite things to do at Boardwalk is to rent a Surrey Bike. Two, four and six-seater bikes are available and a pedal around the picturesque promenade is great fun.

4. Disney’s Miniature Golf. Disney has four courses in two separate locations each having 18 holes. Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Courses are in the Epcot Resort area on Buena Vista Drive just across from the WDW Swan Resort. You can choose from the fun ‘Fantasia Gardens’ course (dancing hippos, leaping fountains and marching broomsticks complete with music and interactive obstacles) which is more suitable for adults with young children or the ‘Fantasia Fairways’ (par-three and par-four holes ranging from 40 to 75 feet long) for the more experienced golfers. The Winter Summerland Mini Golf Courses are adjacent to Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park. The Winter course is covered in snow with ice castles and snowmen and a trip to the ‘North Hole’ whilst the Summer course consists of sandcastles, surfboards and a visit with Santa on the Winternet.

Disney provides lots of activities not only for their resort guests but also for anyone to enjoy. Try horse riding at Fort Wilderness, fishing excursions on Bay Lake or the Seven Seas Lagoon, or rent a tandem bike from the Bike Barn at Fort Wilderness. You’ll never been short of something to do at Disney.

Have fun!

Vacation In Comfort With Kids

Author Dave Leonhardt provides three ways to reduce the stress and relax while travelling with kids.

It takes a special person to travel with kids – a parent. Children have their own needs. what to ask a girl Their idea of a vacation is more “adventurous” than a parent’s. They need constant stimulation and they can get as tired as they are tiring.

There are many top ten type lists of tips for traveling with children: how to ensure they eat well and drink enough, how to dress them for weather variances, how to provide the stimulation they need, how to make sure they don’t drive off with the family car and leave you stranded in the Mojave Desert, etc.

This list is how to travel in comfort – without tying the children to the roof rack — which hopefully will reduce your stress.

Alternatives for Business Travelers

Villas in Orlando Florida, Private villas Orlando FloridaPrivate villas and bed and breakfasts are top choices for business travelers known also as holiday homes or villas are essentially houses that rent on a weekly basis. They are not much help for fly-in meetings. For those, only an airport hotel will do.
But if you plan to be in town for the better part of the week, there is nothing like kicking back in your own private home – a rental home, of course. “Hotel rooms are cramped; a villa is spacious with room to walk about. Hotel rooms have a TV and desk in the bedroom; a villa has surround sound TV and stereo with comfortable couches and chairs in various parts of the home. A hotel has a public pool; a villa has a private pool,” says Robert Miller from Houston, Texas. “It’s private. It’s comfortable. It’s like a home away from home.”
Mr. Miller notes that a vacation home rental also serves as an office away from home, with one room dedicated to the office. “In a villa, you don’t have to sit on your bed when you type those memos. And what a great way to entertain business contacts.”
Business travelers often bring their family along to enjoy Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and other famous theme parks. The family plays while the business traveler works. When the meetings are over, they all head for Disney together, perhaps for another week. With family in tow, a private rental home makes much more sense than a crowded hotel room.

Ten Great Reasons to pick a Florida Vacation Villa

Top ten list of why a family should pick a vacation rental (specifically a vacation rental home):

1. Not toiling to find ideal, adjoining rooms.

2. Everybody gets privacy, without having to worry about where the kids are.

3. In private vacation rentals, you don’t have to share the common area with strangers, but you can still lounge around together.

4. More than one bathroom. Need I say more?

5. Lots and lots and lots of more room. This is usually the main selling feature.

6. Florida vacation rentals include a private pool, in most cases. ask in spanish . “Great to swim with the sound of insects….fortunately outside the ‘cage’”, wrote one visitor in the guestbook of Our Dream Villa.

7. Usually cost less than hotels. Florida vacation rentals often cost less than motels on the Kissimmee strip, for example.

8. Store cold drinks, ice creams, fresh fruit or any other snacks you fancy, which is a huge cost saver, suggests Florida Golf and Disney Villa owner Christine Creasy. And a great convenience, too.

9. Barbecue any time you want. You can still eat out, but you don’t HAVE to.

10. You don’t have to take home several weeks’ supply of dirty laundry.

Orlando Vacation Tips for First Timers

As for the things to do in Orlando, the list is endless. For older children and adults, Universal Studios is usually the most popular. There are lots of thrill rides there and the rides are based on films they will have seen such as ET, Terminator, Spiderman, The Hulk, The Mummy, Back to the Future, Jaws etc.

Universal is split into 2 parks and you can get special tickets to cover it plus other parks. This is called a Flexi ticket. best domains Latvia It allows 14 days access from day of first use to: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World and Wet and Wild Water Park).

You should also visit Universal in the evening as the City Walk, is full of restaurants, bars with live music and shops, and is great fun to walk around in the warm evenings. If you are visiting in October, Universal does the best Halloween Fright Night I have ever seen. It is worth travelling in October just to go to this.

Disney has 4 main parks, which are Magic Kingdom, Epcot Centre, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom. The best option for Disney is definitely the ticket that allows you to hop from park to park on the same day and gives you entrance to one of the water parks which are excellent.
The Water Parks are called Blizzard Beach and Typhoon lagoon. My kids tended to like Typhoon Lagoon the best because of the wave machine but this may be a bit powerful for smaller children and non- swimmers.

Disney tickets are cheaper for kids, but they have to be under 10 yrs, and most younger children like The Magic Kingdom the best as they get to see the great day and evening parades with all their favourite disney characters. The evening Light Parade is also very popular, but make sure that it is on on the day you go.

Management Company Mistakes

Orlando Vacation, Florida VacationIn the 4 years that I have owned a Florida villa, I have had 3 local management companies. Now, while I am thrilled with my current management company, there are several mistakes that I see management companies making:

1. Pay the bills – don’t ask questions – Several times I would get the “invoice” from my management company and they would not send a copy of the original invoice so that I could confirm that what they paid was the amount charged by the local vendor. Also, several times there were mistakes on the account that I had to call the vendor and get corrected. Why didn’t the management company catch it?

2. Who cares what the property looks like – who’s going to know? They are in England! – I am continuously surprised at some of the neighbor villas around me that are not kept up when I know the owner is paying someone to do it. The lawn isn’t mowed or weeded. The house needs to be painted. The roof still has a blue tarp on it even when the other houses have been repaired.

What issues have you had with management companies that you can share?


Blog, Florida Vacation VillasNew Additions to Florida villa –

The latest additions to the villa have been added. We now offer:


1. Nationwide free long distance calls to anywhere in the US.
2. Faster High-speed Internet.
3. Wireless Network available for laptops.

Items coming in 2007:
1. New Game Room with Pool table, Foosball table, Air Hockey and more.
2. New kids Disney theme room.

More details to come.

Are game rooms really worth it?

Blog, Orlando House RentalsQ. Should a villa have a game room? Is it worth it?

A lot of owners have started to convert their garages to game rooms. However, before you go out and convert yours, you need to ask some simple questions. First, how will you utilize the space and will your customers appreciate not having a garage during the typical rainstorm that comes with vacatioining in Florida?

How do you deal with damage/theft? How do you know your pool cues or Air Hockey pucks haven’t been taken or damaged when you live in England or Europe and your rental property in in Florida?

What I have seen happen is that game rooms are very profitable for the owner and is now becoming a requirement if you want to increase your customer traffic. The vacationing family wants to have everything at their fingertips should they get bored or if they are waiting for family members to wake up or get ready for the day.

The costs to setup a game room is not very expensive as it only takes a minor change to your A/C unit to provide cooling/heat in the garage when used.

What about you? What have your experiences been with villas that do and don’t have a gameroom? Which do you prefer?

We are adding a gameroom to our villa ( in 2007. We think it will improve the interest in our villa.

How to go about booking your holiday.

Q. How to go about booking your holiday.

A. Obtain brochures in which you feel the properties have the facilities that you require. Check websites using the keyword “Florida Villa”. Most owners will be happy to advise you on all flights and other travel arrangements, and will usually ‘hold’ a villa for a few days while you secure your flights arrangements. Owners may have a regular contact for flights and they are often people with mounds of experience when it comes to dealing with independent travelers who realize the importance of efficient service. Don’t forget the owner travels to this destination frequently and can offer many useful tips.

On securing the flights and accommodation the customer will be dealt with in a similar, but obviously more personal, way then that of the travel agent and will receive booking confirmation, acknowledgement of monies paid, when the balance is due, etc. If you have a query you can contact the owner at more flexible times than that of a travel agent and you are always dealing with the same person as opposed to just ‘an assistant’. Phone calls to ask if there is an iron, hairdryer, washing machine available are not a nuisance. Help and advice are free and the owners are willing to distribute this as there is nothing like hearing, “it was a wonderful holiday, everything was great, I’ve booked again for next year”.

Questions asked by First Time Villa Renters FL

Q. “Where do I collect the keys? What if something goes wrong? What if something gets broken?”

A. In Florida, all the properties are looked after by a Management Company, often run by English people. Full details of key availability are advised when directions are forwarded to the client. In the event of breakdown or breakage’s – that’s what the Management Company is for – they are on call 24 hours a day with help, advice and guidance far superior that that of a travel rep. Their knowledge of the area are also often includes useful money saving tips that the customers ordinarily know nothing about. The luxury and freedom of living in your own Florida villa gives your holiday the ‘wow factor’ Whilst you can book a similar arrangement with a tour operator you could find that it will cost a great deal more, require payment of supplements if your party doesn’t fit their criteria, and you will not be guaranteed the exact villa or location that you thought you were booking. By booking directly with the owner the price you pay is usually per villa per week. There are no hidden extra’s, but a lot of free help and advice.